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Hubley Sailor still bank

Hubley Sailor cast iron still bank. Original paint in good condition.
Tags: Hubley cast iron still bank sailor ...

Rooster Still Bank

turn of the century cast iron rooster still bank, brightly painted in
Tags: cast iron rooster still bank collectible ...

Wavecrest Biscuit Jar

Hand painted Wavecrest Victorian glass biscuit jar with silverplated lid
Tags: biscuit jar Wavecrest Victorian glass ...

Victorian glass biscuit jar

Hand painted with cherries, a Victorian glass biscuit jar with a silverplated
Tags: Victorian glass biscuit jar ...

Sunderland luster Pitcher

Sunderland pink luster 6" pitcher with verse on one side and view
Tags: Sunderland luster pink luster 19th century luster ...

Esquire Boot Polish Advertising Display

Esquire Boot Polish Advertising Display with great color. Turns with four
Tags: Advertising display Esquire Boot Polish store display ...

Royal Glass Typewriter Keys

49 Royal glass typewriter keys from an early machine. Most in
Tags: typewriter keys Royal glass ...