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B. Barton & Company

87 Main St. Hudson, MA

Shop Owner: Barry Barton

774-279-1440 | barry@bbartonco.com



“ Like fine wine, a symphony, handcrafted furniture pieces, and collaborations an abundance of craftsmanship and refinement go into the final product. With their culmination of taste and talent Barry Barton & David Ferrini introduce, B. Barton & Company of Hudson, Massachusetts. Barry, a master of recreating and repurposing of vintage items, furniture lighting and unique objects; has an ability to breathe new life into pieces and turn them in new treasures. A traditionalist at heart, David has a different eye and has the ability to refine and bring a clean approach to the classic. This dynamic duo has the power to offer up what most do not; an unusual blend of style that will delight the senses and move your soul. Making B. Barton & Company a shop that will surely be one of your favorites Open Thursday and Friday 11-7, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 12-5 ”


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