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The Friday Barn

75 Groton St. Pepperell, MA

Shop Owner: Kiim Gordon

(508) 847-5713 | thefridaybarn@gmail.com



“ Open Friday and Saturday. We sell furniture, antiques, collectibles, musical instruments when available, old radios, movie projectors, old communication machines, automotive items-old and new, glassware, dinnerware, cookware, indoor outdoor lighting, window treatments, doll houses, dolls, toys, hardware, tools, vintage phones, wall hangings, mirrors, rugs, bedding, books, old LP records, fabric, sewing machines, cloth napkins, place-mats, bake-ware, garden needs, jewelry, and anything else we find unusual and interesting enough to sell. We pride ourselves in having items that are hard to find. What we don't take are drinking glasses, pieces of a dish set, any particle board furniture, mattresses, computers and anything associated with them, bed sheets that don't match, torn, faded or broken furniture, baby items & lamps with no shades. It's very rare when we do take any of the above I just mentioned. We also clean out houses when it gets too overwhelming for you. We recycle a lot of items and charge a very small fee to remove it all. From $100-$500 if it's a very big house. Your nightmare is our dream of fun. To consign, we take 40% off everything you bring. If it needs cleaning, painting or minor repair, it's 50% but the value has increased. If we come get it to sell, it's 50% as well. My name is Kim, you can call me on my cell at 508-847-5713 ”


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