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Wickford Village Antiques

93 Brown St. Wickford, RI

Shop Owner: Patricia and Pam Medeiros



“ Open Monday through Friday 10:30-5, Saturday 10:30-5:30 and Sunday Noon-5, by chance or call for appointment! Wickford Village Antiques is a cool old building filled with lots of cool old things. Stuff is piled and placed everywhere and one has to use caution looking around. Lots of little spaces and odd corners to explore and you can really spend a lot of time poking around in this store. Lots of the usually antique type of things, old furniture, jewelry, dishes, signs, pictures, boxes, glass thingees, postcards and clothing. Some of it expensive and valuable, some of it borders more on the junky and humorous. It\'s fun poking around through the piles and displays of items. This is definitely not one of those very expensive and snooty antique stores. You\'ll be able to find plenty of curious little things of unknown origin and purpose. Some things are aesthetically lovely and other things bizarre and useless but somehow still appealing. It\'s almost a hands on museum. Fortunately the woman that is usually working there is very friendly and always willing to talk about an item or price. A rather unusually but cool place to spend some some time and money. ”


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