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The Golden Lamb Buttery

Bush Hill Road off 169 Brooklyn, CT

Shop Owner: Katie Bogert

860-774-4423 | thegoldenlamb@charter.net



“ An experience you'll remember for a lifetime... Since its creation in 1963 by Bob & Virginia "Jimmie" Booth, the Golden Lamb Buttery has become one of Connecticut's most exquisite, creative and memorable dining experiences. In 2008, Bob & Jimmie's granddaughter, Katie, began as the hostess and proprietor. She looks forward to continuing the grand family tradition of The Golden Lamb for the next generation. The evening begins as guests are welcomed for cocktails in the old red barn. It is filled with antiques, memorabilia, and family treasures. The deck promises a lovely scene of the pond and the sheep, horses & cows are grazing in the pastures. Dinner time arrives, and guests are led into the restaurant through a tiny kitchen, filled with amazing aromas, where their meal is being prepared. They are shown to one of three charming dining rooms. ”


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