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Bakers Country Furniture

42 West Main Street Stafford Springs, CT

Shop Owner: John Baker

860-684-2256 | info@bakersfurniture.com



“ When you think of Bakers Furniture, you think of Yankee care and concern - the handcrafted work of skilled artisans from times past. It is an attitude, a dedication to quality that has made Bakers Furniture a name in furniture brands that are built for both beauty and enduring quality. mortise and tenon joint 2half lap dovetail Our handcrafted furniture is made by skilled American craftsman with original designs. Simply stated, you will not find inferior furniture made in low cost production countries at Bakers. Our dining room tables and chairs are made of solid wood with sturdy construction that is crafted to last a lifetime. Our upholstery features all eight way hand tied coil springs, solid wood and extremely high quality fabrics. ”


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