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Charlton Flea Market

26 Trolley Crossing Rd. Charlton, MA

Shop Owner: Jillian Walker

508-248-5690 | charltonfleamarket@gmail.com



“ Owner Jillian Walker welcome you to Charlton Flea Market & Antiques, located in Charlton, MA at Trolley Crossing. We are a true flea market offering old fashioned character, lively dickering and plenty of bargains. From antiques and collectibles to new merchandise, including grocery goods, the popular market has become a valuable forum for both buyer and sellers. The market is approximately 75% antiques and collectibles. Best of all, with spaces priced at a fraction of multi-dealer stores and shop rents, antique and collectible dealers can pass the savings to the buyer, resulting in a steady stream of great deals each weekend. It is no wonder dealers and bargain hunters alike make Charlton Flea Market & Antiques a "must stop" source for the best finds in New England. ”


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