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Handwritten letter from Napoleons doctor

Manuscript letter written and signed by Baron Desgenettes, 1832. In French. About
Tags: Napoleon Bonaparte ALS autograph signed letter Rene Nicholas Dufriche French history France ...

Side Lights on the Bench and Bar of Chester County Pennsylvania 1918

MacElree, Wilmer W. Side Lights on the Bench and Bar of
Tags: Chester County Pennsylvania Americana legal history American history law justice judges memoir book books ...

Studies on Five Paintings by Raphael 1878

Emeric-David, M. T. B. A Series of Studies Designed and Engraved After
Tags: art history Raphael engravings paintings religion Christianity religious art book books ...

The Vatican Its History Its Treasures 1914 1st edition

Begni, Ernesto; James C. Grey; Thomas J. Kennedy, editors. The Vatican:
Tags: Roman Catholic Vatican City art history church history religion Italy Christianity architecture book books ...

A Cartoon History of Abraham Lincoln by Albert Shaw 1920

Shaw, Albert. Abraham Lincoln: a Cartoon History. Volume I. His Path
Tags: Abraham Lincoln Americana American history politics government presidency president Civil War book books ...

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte by William Sloane 1896 4 volumes leather bound

Sloane, William Milligan. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. New York: The Century
Tags: Napoleon Bonaparte France French history military history Europe European history biography book books ...

Poors Desk Manual of Stock and Bonds 1932

Poor's Desk Manual With Complete Bond and Stock Descriptions 1932,July Edition. 2648
Tags: stock market finance economics Wall Street investing stocks bonds business history American history book books ...

Life and Times of King Edward VII 1910

Holmes, Richard, editor. Edward VII: His Life and Times. No publisher,
Tags: Edward VII England English history Great Britain British history royalty monarchy kings book books ...

Vital Records of Sturbridge Massachusetts to the Year 1850

Vital Records of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Boston, Mass.:
Tags: Americana American history Massachusetts Sturbridge genealogy historical records book books ...

Vital Records of Marblehead Massachusetts through 1849

Vital Records of Marblehead, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849.
Tags: Americana American history Massachusetts Sturbridge genealogy historical records book books ...

Biography of Levi Coffin and the Underground Railroad 1876 1st edition

Coffin, Levi. Reminiscences of Levi Coffin, The Reputed President of the
Tags: Americana American history Civil War slavery abolition Black history African Americans Underground Railroad biography Quaker book books ...

19th century legal textbook on pleading in civil actions 1808 1st American edition

Lawes, Edward. An Elementary Treatise on Pleading in Civil Actions by
Tags: Americana American history legal history law justice courts book books ...

The Lithographers Manual Compendium 1958

Strauss, Victor, editor. The Lithographers Manual: A Compendium in Two Volumes.
Tags: printing publishing books about books art art history graphics graphic arts book books ...