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For your consideration is a rather amazing, completely hand-made, lathe turned and hand-etched large (14 1/2 inch tall) solid brass vase. The verbal provenance I have with this item is that it was brought to the US sometime after WWII by a US Army medical officer who spent an extended period in Germany at the very end of WWII and into the early years of the occupation. As yet, I've not been able to determine 100 percent the exact original origin of the vase, whether it's Asian / Oriental or Middle or Far Eastern. I'm leaning toward middle eastern, however the figures could also be southeast Asian. Regardless of the origin, the amount of hand-work is utterly amazing. The entire vase is literally covered with intricate, interwoven designs and a rather Egyptian-esque style figure is featured throughout. Additionally, there are several Swastikas, canted at a .45 angle near the top of the vase before the neck flare, another possible indication of middle or far eastern influence. There is a lathe-dimple in the vase. The opening of the vase is approximately 4 3/4 inches in width. I've personally never seen or handled another piece of metalware quite like this piece, and I've priced it at literally half of a local art glass / metal dealer's assessment. I don't believe you're likely to ever see another example quite this elaborate and it should absolutely be seen in hand to fully appreciate its intricacy. Call me at 508 688 0847 to arrange a viewing!

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